This Version will NOT work with Windows XP

1.1       Build 137 Release Date 24-Jun-2018


·       Made strategies backward compatible.

·       Fixed bug in Drop down scalars

1.1       Build 123-136 Release Date 04-Jun-2018


·       Mapping now supports scrolling through all saved MAP without having to reload data

·       Progress bar appears when downloading the remote help


·       Support for the Conti Processor (TC-1791) has been added.

·       Removed MAF Auto tuning

·       Added MAF fitting shortcut to MAF function page

·       Can temporarily override the X and/or Y precision of a parameter in the legend

·       Can copy selected parameters from the compare to the working calibration

·       Tables and Functions now can have shared common axis. (Conti TC-1791)

·       Tree View supports grouping of Scalars Functions and Tables into folders

·       Tree View Right Click Opening a new window for large functions view

·       Tree View Right Click Opening a mapping page for functions

·       Selecting items in the Tree View from Calibration Compare is now fixed

·       Opening a calibration can be done by CalID, Part Number or HEX ID

·       User Defined Parameters can now be entered by the end user

·       Mapping of functions can have derived columns with simple math

·       Custom Function View Can now Enable/Disable Pens

·       Added User preference to Auto lock all BEB files to your dongle


·       The progress screen will now show Erasing during the erase step

·       Can now read a PCM if it is strategy is mismatched


·       The Vertical and Horizontal locks are independent

·       Editing a point now is less CPU intensive

·       Fixed second page of properties screen not saving pen ranges


·       Fixed a bug in the Z Order of all gauge types


·       Payload lists (datalogging parameters) can be exported as (*.dle) files