This Version will NOT work with Windows XP

1.1      Build 373 Release Date 23-OCT-2023


·         Add a new Chip burner to the supported hardware (TI Performance)

·         Fixed a few spelling errors

·         Removed a prompt after a QH write

·         Updated screen shots to the help file

1.2      Build 355 Release Date 26-Jun-2023


·         All DMR, Ford Enhanced, SAE are on one screen

·         Added tree view for selecting TAGs

·         Parameter comments open is a separate window

·         Levels have been added to the parameters.

·         Dash Three retains filters when changing payloads

·         Data logging screens will only show supported PIDs by default


·         Removed the PID tab, it is part of the data logging screen.

·         Added support for TriCore 298 (Multicore)

·         Elapsed time added to the read and write operations

MAF Mapping

·         Allows for multiple tags in one column or row


·         Dashboards have an option to play and pause data logs


·         A ‘Favorites’ folder has been added to the tree view

·         Right click a Parameter in the tree view to add and remove to favorites.

·         Levels have been standardized across all PCM types.

·         Fixed a bug when saving a calibration it was all uppercase

1.3      Build 307-308 Release Date 16-Feb-2023


·         Fixed a bug in the compare screen that I accidentally created


·         Added support for flashing Black Oak 1472 SCP for 2002-2004 SVT focus

·         Added count downs for the erase on EEC PCMs

·         Optimize code to speed up some of the processes

1.4      Build 303 Release Date 06-JAN-2023


·         Errors loading a calibration will be in the status bar rather than popup messages.


·         Added more DTC to the P codes and the U codes.

·         Get All DTC with status will now break each byte down to the bit level

1.5      Build 302 Release Date 04-JAN-2023


·         Fixed UDP (User Defined Parameter) address length to allow 8 digits