Both the EEC Analyzer and Binary Editor software products are available for download on the downloads page of this web site. However full functionality of the software will require purchasing a license (see below) License types There are two different types of licenses. The first type is a software license. The second type is a USB Dongle license. Both license types are described below.

When purchasing Binary Editor, make sure the strategy for the vehicle you are tuning is supported. On the downloads page of this web site is a list of free strategies that are provided by the open public. If your vehicle strategy is not listed, companies such as and or other third party individuals may have a strategies available. Third party strategy suppiiers may or may not charge for their strategies and they may also require the use of a dongle license. Please confirm with the strategy vendors requirements before purchasing a license.


License Types

USB Dongle

A hardware license is defined as a physical device (USB Dongle) connected to a personal computer which then licenses the software. The USB Dongle license can be moved from one personal computer to another. One may have the software loaded on as many personal computers as desired. The software will only be licensed if the USB Dongle is detected. If you are unhappy with the product, and the product has not been used, simply return it no questions asked within 14 days. Once the product has been returned and it condition has been deemed good, a full refund of the original purchase price will be given. Return Shipping will not be refunded.


A software license is defined as a combination of personal computer serial numbers (aka Machine Code) and a registration number provided after purchase. These two pieces of information create a LIC file (aka Software License). This software license resides on the personal computer from which the Machine code was given and thus licenses the software. The software license is only good for the one physical PC and is non-transferable. Software licnses are non refundable once the license has been issued. The applications will require you to submit registration information before a license can be purchased. To obtain this information you must install the software application. After the software has been installed:

  • In EEC Analyzer navigate to the About screen and press the register button. Copy the licensee and machine code and paste it in the below associated registration information text area.
  • In Binary Editor navigate to the Register menu for binary editor and fill out the registration form. Press the submit registration button. Copy the text and paste it in the associated registration information text area below.


A 50% discount will be given for each additional Binary Editor or EEC Analyzer SOFTWARE license up to a maximum of three (3) licenses. The discount will only be give for purchases of the same major revision of the software. For example BE2012 Build xx or EA 5.xx. The discount will NOT apply for upgrades from 2010 to 2012. The Discount only applies to the software and not the USB Dongle hardware. The second license is to be registered under the original licensee and not given or sold to any other person.

The purchase of Binary Editor comes with your choice of ONE supported tuner license (TwEECer, Moates, SCI) and ONE supported logger license (PLX, DataQ, Innovate, DLP, SLC). The logger is optional. If additional tuners and or loggers are required add the additional license below. A license for either the EEC Analyzer or Binary Editor can be purchased below. Payment must be submitted through Pay Pal or by postal mail with a Money Order or Check to the address on the contact page of this web site.

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All products are designed and sold for non public roads. Any on-road use is at the sole responsibility of the customer, EEC Analyzer/Binary Editor will bear no responsibility for any consequences, legal or otherwise, resulting from such on-road use. This includes any on-road use in violation of any federal, state or local pollution control laws.

Software Products

Binary Editor and EEC Analyzer Package
Binary Editor EEC Analyzer

Binary Editor
EEC Analyzer


License Type

Binary Editor additional license Binary Editor
Binary Editor

Binary Editor


License Type

eec analyzer
EEC Analyzer

EEC Analyzer

License Type


Additional License

License Type



Make Sure to ask for a shipping quote for any items shipped outside the USA.


Hardware Products

Binary Editor

Dongle Replacement
(Will only ship to the original dongle owner)


Binary Editor

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